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Our Company

Welcome to learn about our enterprise.

Vandernet Oy is a stocking distributor and a training company. We have successfully been growing for 35 years thanks to demanding end users, skilled resellers, motivated staff and great suppliers with their strong brands. The company was established in 1989. Our office, showroom and training center is in Helsinki, Finland and warehouse in Tuusula close to Helsinki. We are a member of STYL (Finnish Work Safety Association).


We are specialized in importing, exporting and marketing of innovative quality solutions for those who see the benefits of great gear over the initial purchase price. The brands in our portfolio are all premium brands which enjoy international respect across borders and are mostly built by the original manufacturers themselves. Our main sales area is Finland on all our brands and Sweden and Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania on selected brands.

We are the voice and ears of our brands where ever we operate: 100 % of our sales are done through local resellers: For example specialized stores, retail chains and industrial wholesale chains.


You can meet our solutions and products in these 4 business areas we operate in:

SPORT & OUTDOOR: Activities in sport and outdoor environment

PROFESSIONAL SAFETY: Demanding work environments in industry, construction, rescue and healthcare where PPE is needed

PREMIUM GIFT: Public relations through corporate gift market

TACTICAL: Military, police, border control and other tactical & authorities operations


Our exclusive distributorship product portfolio includes market leader brands: Aclima, ArenaBollé Safety, Bridgedale, BUFF, CamelBak, Cocoon, CT - Climbing Technology, Edelrid, Grangers, GVS, Ikar, Jetboil, Kask, KOO, Light My Fire, Lupine, Maglite, Morakniv, Princeton Tec, Sicurpal, Sordin, Ticket To The Moon and TSL and which most have pretty much originally created their own niche on the global market. Our strategy on the brands is crystal clear: We distribute the #1 brand on the chosen segment, and if that is not available, then the #2 brand (which must have the potential of becoming #1 one day), or the brand must represent something completely new and innovative. When we talk about the ranking, we talk about respect level among the most hard-core users, an that does not necessarily mean same as the manufacturers turnover in €. If these demands are not fulfilled, then we do not consider the brand to belong to "Vandernet world" as we say. Therefore we are capable of providing strong category management in the business areas we have selected to work in. Our aim is to always be able to answer ”yes” to a request, to be a one-stop-supplier and to proactively offer full solutions.


In the sport field: Our main specialty areas are in swimming & related watersports and hydration (biking, running and everyday use) and in head mounted solutions (hands free lighting, head wear, helmets, hearing protectors etc.), sport climbing, winter sports and outdoor clothing for demanding users, bike lighting for the most demanding users, and outdoor furniture & hammocking since relaxation is an important part of good quality life. Sharing expertise among users and resellers is an important part of our company culture: Our staff is mountain biking, street biking, climbing, swimming, paragliding, sailing, hunting, scuba diving, skiing and doing a bunch of other active stuff to keep sharp minds and to stay aware of what's happening in the ever changing genre. We provide strong support on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in order to help people choosing the right gear for their use and needs. All this helps us in building social networks around the brands.


In the professional field: Our specialty is knowhow in head & eye & breathing & hearing protection and work at height solutions for professionals who have the need to progress in difficult access areas, whether in vertical world, confined space or in darkness. Through us you can also get work at height & rescue training program which is based on the techniques of the internationally recognized IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association). Our staff has also been trained to SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians). Work at height training is arranged at the work sites in real working conditions and in our own training facility in downtown Helsinki. We train professionals for engineered (=permanently installed) fall protection system design, installations and annual inspections. We are lecturing several times a year at the PPE inspection course organized by Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and also authorizing the attendees to inspect the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) brands we distribute to Finland. We have extensive knowhow in head protection related protection levels and related test methods of different standards. Being the market leader in Finland for work helmets we gain continuously more valuable learning from the users - we like to be close to them and to listen; it teaches us more than anything else.

We can help to make work at height more efficient and safer. That includes the whole 6-step concept: Risk analysis > permanently installed systems > training > personal gear > rescue plan > renewing the training. We are also specialized in personal hydration solutions for most demanding and harsh environments to keep workers minds sharp in all conditions.


In the premium gift field: We provide solutions which help companies to build their own brand and reputation. A gift or a giveaway should always support the giving company’s image: Their high knowhow, high level service and good quality products. For example CamelBak hydration bottles and BUFF headwear are great examples of that. We also supply the products marked with company's own logo and full customization from packaging to customized themes when needed. A useful and durable gift will leave a memory trace which lasts for years and can be considered as a solid marketing effort and a sustainable way to reward both customers and own personnel.


In the tactical field: We help people to do their task more efficiently, in a safer way and to stay focused and stealth when needed. Our tactical portfolio consists of wide category of premium gear for personal safety (especially eye protection, hearing protection, fall protection and head protection), survival (proper underwear, knives and fire making), darkness (personal lighting and forensic lights) and everyday tasks of military, police, special troops, international groups, border control etc. Our work at height training program also offers areas which help professionals in tactical field to do their tasks in the best possible way.


Our ambition and vision is to make You better in what you are doing: Our core business model includes added value to the end users and to the resellers of the products and services. The more demanding end users and the more demanding people in the reseller field we face, the happier we are.


Our Mission is to be a Premium One-Stop-Supplier in the selected business areas.


We want to be Your preferred partner when it comes to product management: Through our strong product support platform and expertise we help people who work in purchases, sales, product management, category management, IT-related topics and in overall logistical chain. We help You to do your work better and in a more efficient way. We can help to eliminate all manual steps. We are fast at what we do.


In logistical efficiency we can claim to be really good: We want to serve our customers in a fast and reliable way to help them succeed in their own business. As a stocking distributor we carry over 9000 different product references in stock near Helsinki all with less than 24 h delivery time from placing an order to receiving the shipment in whole Finland. Operations in our other operating countries are fast also.


For our suppliers - which are internationally recognized premium brand manufacturers and usually the originators of their own niche - we provide: A reliable and financially solid long time partner with well trained sales network and wide scale support throughout the channel to market. We handle the brand building from product management to IT-support to sales training to logistical performance and to marketing expertise. We want to learn new things faster than our competitors. We create the added value and local expertise what a supplier would expect from a professional distributor. That includes one of the most sophisticated EDI/XML channels with all the significant local reseller chains. Our goal is to grow the chosen brands at faster pace what the market is growing. Scaling business model is in the heart of our operations.


We want to make the users happy and our partners happy.


We are a team of 21 long term professionals & enthusiasts. We have "been there and done that" to gain experience, and we will be gaining that experience and feedback from users in the future also - every day (and almost every night). Vandernet is a genuine family company owned by the two managing Blåfield brothers. Sales turnover is 13 M €.


Our public website is in Finnish only, but our superb real-time Extranet for reseller network is also in English. If you need further assistance in English, if you want to know more or want us to become the exclusive distributor for your brand, please call us + 358 20 7418 330 or send email to our customer service: vandernet (at) vandernet.com

Thanks for reading. Hope to do great things together in future.